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Headquartered in Florence, SC, we serve areas from Clio to Conway, Charlotte to Savannah, and Texas to Ohio. Our clients specialize in a diverse range of industries including Manufacturing, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Legal, Medical, and Banking. 

BluFish Team

Where IT and Business Meet

We help to ensure that your IT decisions align with the goals of your business.


This is our no strings attached, risk-free assessment where we will come onsite just to discuss what we may be able to help you with.  If you tell us your pain points, we will customize our solutions to fit your business's needs.
Ultimately, if we've given you a little more insight on what to expect—from your current or future IT provider—then we are happy.

What We Do

BluFish Team helping make decisions


We help inform decisions to ensure your business has the best information at its disposal to stay 2 steps ahead of your competition.

Remote Support = Fast Response Time


We offer the fastest initial response times, time until work starts and time to ticket closure. Which begs the question… How much is your time worth to you and your business?

BluFish Team training employees onsite


We ensure your business and its employees leverage every tool to stay productive and efficient.

BluFish Team proactively monitoring network


We resolve the issues before your employees are even aware there is an issue.

What We Achieve

By helping to ensure even small frustrations and nuisances are resolved, employees are happier at their job. Not only does this incentivize them to work harder, but now you save the cost and headache of the application → interview → training process.

We are able to reduce your business's overhead by reviewing your ISP bills, software subscriptions, process automation, HR documentation, network documentation, etc. 

If we divide your revenue by the total number of labor hours it took to achieve that revenue, we can calculate how much your business generates per hour of work.

Now cut that number by 3% per month across the board…

And we are just getting started.

BluFish Team achieving your business goals

The BluFish Team

BluFish Team Member: Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith

Technical Account Manager

Bryan #1

BluFish Team Member: Bryan Wollan

Bryan Wollan

Network Engineer

I'm pretty sure I'm Bryan #1. Don't tell him.

BluFish Team Member: Adam Kelly

Adam Kelly

Print Solutions Specialist

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Are you ready?

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